Packing List: Our Eco-Friendly Travel Essentials

August 20, 2019

Packing List: Our Eco-Friendly Travel Essentials - anaskela

There are few things that we like more than making a list. Especially when it comes to packing - we have a go-to list for every type of trip and destination. So, we decided to share our picks of eco-friendly travel essentials for your next beach vacation. Concise but consisting of convenient, stylish and sustainable items. Here are our must-have items for smart travel this summer.

Eco-Friendly Travel Essentials 


Reusable Water Bottle

We love this reusable bottle from Stay Wild (£28). It keeps your water cold for 25+ hours, has a great functional and stylish design, and a percentage of bottle sales goes to Sea Shepherd Charity, an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation. Eliminating single-use plastic, giving to charity, and keeping us hydrated and stylish - this bottle is a winner.


Sunscreen with Eco-Credentials

Hunting for a sunscreen that’s good for your skin and good for the environment has been one of our missions leading up to the summer. One of our favourites has to be Aethic Sovee SPF 25, Triple Filter Eco-Compatible Sunscreen (EUR 49). While some organic or natural ingredients can actually be harmful to your skin and to marine life, this cream has the world’s only patented eco-compatible formula.


Waterproof Bag

No more plastic bags for wet swimsuits and no more wet swimsuits getting everything else in your beach bag soaked. And finally, no more rushing out of the sea to give yourself enough time to dry off before leaving the beach (no one likes leaving wet patches on the car’s seats. This No Excuses Maxi Pouch (£90) from La Pochette made from recycled fiber, is waterproof, antibacterial and deodorising. Perfect for workout gear or for wet swimsuits when leaving the beach. So you can take your time and enjoy that last swim of the day.


Travel Towel

There are a number of travel towels out there, but Anaskela refuses to compromise on any aspect of the towel  – from design, to functionality and sustainability. Compact and lightweight, taking up a tiny space in your luggage, in addition to being very absorbent, quick drying and sand resistant, and finally made using recycled materials, this is an essential sustainable item for a beach holiday. As for style, one of our favourites this summer has to be the latest addition to the Geometria collection, Abyss in blue (£57).


Bamboo Sunglasses

We discovered Swell Vision sunglasses, and are hooked. Not only are they made using sustainable bamboo, which literally grows faster than it can be harvested, but the company also reinvests their profits into the Green School in Bali. The sunglasses are handcrafted, lightweight and great to look at too.

Recycled Swimwear

There are quite a few swimwear brands embracing recycled material these days. One of our favourites for clean lines and flattering shapes is Arket. Their no-fuss approach to design combined with the fact that they use recycled yarn derived from nylon waste and recovered fishing nets, makes them a winner in our eyes.

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