Gift the promise of travel, while giving back to the environment at the same time.

November 12, 2020

towel gift box - anaskela

Now more than ever, the promise of travel and adventure is the ultimate gift of hope. Anaskela’s illustrated gift boxes featuring original artwork by animation directors Rebecca Manley and Luca Paulli are now exclusively available on Select a towel gift box, add a note, and send it off. 

In addition, 10% of net profits from the gift boxes will be donated to WWF Greece who are bringing attention to the PPE waste in our seas and oceans as a result of the pandemic.  


Giving Back

 PPE waste

Why have we chosen WWF Greece? Well, what a year it has been, and amid all this uncertainty, the term PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which was once terminology for hospital and construction workers, has now become part of our everyday vocabulary. And although it’s use has become essential; it has also come at a price to the environment.

Let’s consider the face mask, for example. Although many have gone the sustainable route by adopting the reusable fabric options, the majority of the population is still using disposable face masks. We see them on the streets, on beaches, in the seas and on the side of highways. According to a study conducted by WWF* and published in April of this year, “1 billion masks and half a billion gloves will be needed per month” and if only “1% of the masks were disposed of incorrectly and dispersed in nature, this would result in as many as 10 million masks per month polluting the environment”.

These figures will have devastating effects on our seas and oceans, which is why Anaskela has joined forces with WWF Greece to donate a percentage of proceeds from the gift boxes to urgently raise awareness on this matter.


What else can we do?


Here are some other ways to help with this issue:

Buy reusable masks like these, that also give back to charities.

Try your hand at making your own masks by clicking here.


Travel Towel Gift Box details

Anaskela Gift Box 

The smaller boxes (31 x 21.5 x 5cm.) like this one, contain one or two Geometria towels, ideal to gift your favourite travel buddy, a couple of friends, a colleague, your child's teacher or that family member who just can't wait to travel again.

The larger boxes (38 x 27 x 9.5cm) contain a selection of three or four towels like this one, while a Limited Edition box contains the entire Under the Palms Collection of six towels - we were thinking group trips, yoga retreats, or a gift to another family! 

So, gift the promise of travel, adventure, wellness, and sunshine. We are full of optimism for a 2021 full of travel and adventure.

Happy Holidays and Bon Voyage (eventually!)


*WWF Source:


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