Health Coach, Theodora Konstantopoulou, shares her tips for eating well while on the go.

July 12, 2019

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Where are you travelling to this summer? 

Like most summers, I’ll be travelling to Greece from the US. If I don't swim in the Greek seas, and tan under the Greek sun it doesn't feel like summer to me. 

What healthy snacks do you pack when travelling?

I am the crazy lady with snacks for the whole family in her purse; fruits, almonds, you name it! I also love chia bars.

Veggie rolls are great for travel, they don't make mess, they don't have a strong smell, they don't go bad and they are easy on the stomach for queasy travellers like my oldest child. 

Do you have any in-flight tips that help reduce bloating and puffiness?

The morning of my flight I drink celery juice, take probiotics, and 2000mg of vitamin C. I find this combo works really well for my digestion and helps combat bloating.

Getting your gut ready for a flight happens before you actually fly. I generally avoid alcohol a few nights before, hydrate extra, and eat lots of veggies, especially for long-haul trips. Kimchi and sauerkraut are great as they are both probiotic foods that feed your gut.  

In-flight try to move around every few hours, take a few walks up and down the aisles, if you have a known circulation issue, wear compression socks to help with that. 

If you can, avoid coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks while you are on the plane. They all contribute to water-retention and bloating. I take single servings of with me. One glass of this stuff is equal to 3 glasses of water, so if one of my kids is feeling sluggish and in need of hydration these do the trick right away. 

What about after the flight?  

Water, water, water. Think loads of water and fruits filled with water. My favourite is watermelon which incidentally is the absolute best in Greece! I also stay away from fried foods, dairy products, animal products, and instead  load up on green leafy veggies, and fresh fruits for the first few days after the flight. I also avoid very salty dishes or condiments like soy sauce that can cause water retention. The first couple of days after a flight I stay off the alcohol until my body has adjusted to the new climate and time difference. 

We've heard that the Mediterranean diet is the way to go. Being Greek, and growing up eating this way, can you tell us why you think this is?

All the science points to why the Med diet works, but aside from the science, it is simple to follow and implement and it’s not restrictive. I am not into ‘diets’ at all, in fact I shy away from them. But in this case I would say that the Med lifestyle rather than diet is what makes this the most attractive option to me as a whole. Meals are largely veggies, meat is not a highlight and dairy comes primarily from goats and sheep. There is an emphasis on community and enjoying meals with friends and family and it all comes together really well. 

In general if you are looking to follow a good formula, mine would be to  hydrate a lot and often, reduce dairy and animal products, consume less processed foods and eat plenty of fresh veggies, fruits and legumes. 

What’s your favourite Greek dish?

My absolute all time Greek favourite is "gemista" which are over roasted stuffed tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, I prefer the rice only option but some people add meat to this. My mom makes the best Greek home fried potatoes (patates tiganites). They are just perfect!

Favourite holiday spot in Greece?

This year we are going to two of my favourite islands, Elafonisos and Mykonos. Both are unique and totally different from each other. I love Mykonos for its artistic flare, it’s chic sense of style, and how it manages to combine relaxation and partying perfectly, while Elafonissos is natural, wild, old school Greek and has one of the most beautiful beaches. 

What's in your beach bag? 

My beach bag always has La Roche Posay Spray water and Bali Body body oil for moisturising my skin after I get out of the sea. I always use an SPF but I don't go higher than 30 for the whole family as we re-apply often. I also always have a CC cream by Clinique that has an SPF 30; great for moisturising and looking put together  when leaving the beach. My beach bag will always have a book. I am currently reading A Course in Miracles, by Marianne Williamson and Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle. This year, I will be carrying my Anaskela beach towels with me too, and the best part is that they take no space at all. 

What can you not travel without? 

A sweatshirt. Planes are always so damn cold. 


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